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If you have breast implants, traditional mammogram screening technology may not be as effective at identifying early signs of breast cancer. At Sonoscreening Breast Care Center in Coral Gables, Florida, the experienced medical team offers advanced technology for breast cancer screenings in women with breast implants. The SonoCiné automated whole breast ultrasound scan technology show higher detailed images of inner breast tissue despite implants. Learn more SonoCiné benefits if you have breast implants by calling Sonoscreening Breast Care Center today or scheduling a consultation online now.

Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound (AWBUS) Q & A

How do breast implants impact breast cancer screenings?

Breast implants and dense breast tissue show up on a traditional mammogram differently than normal fatty breast tissue. This can make it difficult for the doctors to interpret your results to determine if you have the early stages of breast cancer.

In fact, many women with breast implants and dense breast tissue who have cancerous growths are misdiagnosed because mammograms aren’t as effective in highlighting areas of breast cancer.

Treating breast cancer in the earliest stages is very important for a successful recovery. By having routine breast cancer screenings, you can identify abnormal growths that may indicate cancer, so treatment can begin quickly. With prompt care, your risk for cancer spreading to other areas of your body decreases.


Why is SonoCiné technology so effective?

SonoCiné technology uses an automated, computer-controlled arm to scan the whole breast. The transducer used in the scan records highly detailed images of your inner breast tissue, giving the Sonoscreening Breast Care Center staff radiologist as many as 5,000 images of your breasts for evaluation.

Because the images contain such a high level of detail, the radiologist is better able to distinguish areas of cancer regardless of dense breast tissue or obstructions from implants.


How long do SonoCiné scans take?

For many women, the whole breast scan takes about 20 minutes. You can expect to wear a special garment that holds your breast in place and allows for a more consistent scan. The automated arm moves over your breasts and in surrounding areas to detect early signs of cancer in the breast tissue and the lymph nodes under your arms.

The SonoCiné technology offers painless screenings and requires no compression on your breasts. This ultrasound technology is safe for your breasts and doesn’t damage your implants.

The staff radiologist interprets your results within five days of your test to determine if you need additional testing or any treatment.

If you’ve been putting off yearly mammograms because of your breast implants, it’s time to schedule a breast cancer screening at Sonoscreening Breast Care Center. You can book a consultation online or by calling the office today.