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Identifying the earliest stages of breast cancer is critical to your survival. The staff at Sonoscreening Breast Care Center in Coral Gables, Florida, is committed to reducing complications and death caused by breast cancer. They are the only provider in South Florida to offer advanced SonoCiné breast screening technology. Unlike mammograms, automated whole breast ultrasound screenings (AWBUS) with SonoCiné can detect even the smallest areas of cancer in the earliest stages, even if you have dense breast tissue or implants. To schedule a breast screening with SonoCiné, call the office or request an appointment online.

Breast Screening Q & A

Why do I need breast screenings?

Routine breast screenings are a vital part of protecting you from breast cancer. Typically, women over 40 and younger women with a history of cancer are encouraged to get annual mammograms to evaluate their breast health.

However, for many women who have fatty or dense breast tissue or breast implants, mammograms aren’t as effective at identifying cancer in its earliest stages. For this reason, the medical team at Sonoscreening Breast Care Center offers automated whole breast ultrasound screenings (AWBUS) using advanced SonoCiné technology.

What are the benefits of automated whole breast ultrasound screenings?

SonoCiné technology is painless and doesn’t require compression on your breasts. The ultrasound technology doesn’t use radiation and you won’t need any anesthetics or other injections during your screening.

In fact, breast screening ultrasound technology is safe enough to use on pregnant women and those with other medical issues that can’t tolerate other types of imaging tests. You can even have repeated ultrasound breast screenings without risking your health.

The Sonoscreening Breast Care Center staff offers in-office screenings that take less than 30 minutes and the office maintains a permanent record of your results for review by your family doctor and follow-up care.

What’s the difference between SonoCiné and mammograms?

Both mammograms and handheld ultrasound technologies aren’t always effective in diagnosing early stages of breast cancer, especially in women with dense or fatty breast tissue or implants. This is due to higher margins of human error.

SonoCiné technology can identify breast cancer that’s less than 1 cm, even in dense breast tissue. This means you can undergo breast cancer surgery to remove the small mass without needing chemotherapy or radiation, giving you a much higher rate of successful treatment and breast cancer survival.

What can I expect during an automated whole breast ultrasound screening?

The SonoCiné technology uses a special sports-bra-like covering that holds your breast in place and provides better quality imaging of the nipple area.  The SonoCiné system uses a computer-controlled arm to glide a transducer over your breasts, which records as many as 5,000 pictures of inner breast tissue in a movie format. The results of your screening are interpreted by a specially trained, board-certified staff radiologist.

To learn more about the benefits of SonoCiné, schedule a consultation at Sonoscreening Breast Care Center by calling the office or by requesting an appointment online.